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Smug mom part 2 (you still don’t know what love is -when will you learn?)

Bragging is love people! LOVE!

Once you really know what love is, you BRAG! And then you brag some more!

Because nothing shows more how much you love your children than comparing yourself to childless people. That’s the truth, and it’s oh so sweet and cute and hearts and bubbles… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ *dreaming away to the perfect world of parenthood…*

You never know what love is…

… until you are a smug parent

Found this on facebook. Apparently, there are people who cannot see what’s wrong with this post.

I have some questions:

  • if you really know what love is, what’s the point of being smug about it?
  • if you really know what love is, how about giving some support to people who want children and can’t have them?
  • if you really know what love is, how about admitting that “telling people they don’t know what love is until they have children” is NOT supportive, and actually, it’s kind of mean and unnecessary.
  • if you really know what love is as soon as you have children of you own, how do you explain child-abuse and lots of other creepiness that parents do?
  • if you really know what love is simply because you managed to love your own child (which is actually not so easy for some) then what do you call people who love non-relatives?

Cause lets face it, loving your own family is easy. Loving your friends is easy. It’s loving the rest of the world that’s the hard part. Try doing that and I will gladly admit that you know more about love than an average human being.

Until then. STFU and be grateful for you child. Cause nobody is promised tomorrow. Not even parents.

Don’t tell me “you are sorry about people who cannot have children” when you are obviously NOT SORRY AT ALL!

And if you are wondering why I’m often “mean” to parents in my blog. Well, it’s because of things like the above. I’m very nice to modest, respectful parents whenever I happen to meet them (it’s not so often)

Actually, I just got an idea. I will print this in small papers and every time someone expect me to be nice I will give them one of these and say “sorry, I can’t, I haven’t known love so I don’t know how…”
Do you think it will work?


Happiness is da shit!

There you have it folks… If you are happy then you are doing everything right. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Never in the world’s history has anyone ever been happy on someone else’s expense. It is simply NOT possible.

(to better understand this comic, maybe reading this would be helpful)