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Words of wisdom by mrs Orange – Part 1

The secrets of being an idiot… (it’s not as easy as it may sound) Here comes a piece of advice from an expert…



Happiness is da shit!

There you have it folks… If you are happy then you are doing everything right. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Never in the world’s history has anyone ever been happy on someone else’s expense. It is simply NOT possible.

(to better understand this comic, maybe reading this would be helpful)

May I please ruin your day? …again?

Don’t let her smile fool you. Mrs Orange is perfectly capable of ruining your day. She’ll even tell you it was your fault…

I had a bad day today. O well, it was actually good, until one person managed to find a way to ruin it. Then I spent the whole evening crying my eyes out.

The good thing is, this idiot seemed to have some back-pain problems… Imaging them getting worse makes me feel a lot better 🙂

Seriously people. Why can’t you be nice? Is this some sort of Swedish cruelty thing I don’t know of or is it a women thing? Cause I want out. I don’t want to be a woman if women are like that. Please consider me a non-member of your bitching-club. I’m sick of you talking about sisterhood and acting like f-n apes to each other.