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My new drawing device

My lovely “partner in love” bought me this to encourage me to start drawing Peaches again.


I’m so happy and grateful!

I have started to use it together with a very simple drawing program and thus are beginning to become friends with our Apple computer.

So hopefully you will be seeing more of Peaches in the near future and I will have some place to ventilate my feelings and sometimes have a good laugh about it.

I think that Peaches is not as angry as she used to be but I don’t dare to promise anything.

Hope you stay tuned and want to follow Peaches in her new adventures.

By the way, did I mention that she is in love? With a delicious fruit, a cherry!

More of that coming soon…

New equipment…

Hopefully it will make the drawing easier 🙂 But first I have to learn how to use it 😉

The paper underneath is some of my notes/ideas on new comics. I’m having a lot of ideas, it’s usually the drowing part that’s a bit slow, but I’m in the learning process!