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Logic is for idiots…

If I can fly then everyone can!
(said the bee to the horse…)

Seriously, stop saying “if I can do that then everyone can”. You are neither universe’s role model nor the center of it…
If you could do it then be happy and grateful you could do it and STFU!!!!

what’s wrong with “if I can do it then everyone can”?
here is a list:
1) It assumes you know what every person on the planet is capable of
2) It assumes your abilities are universal
3) It’s demeaning towards people that really can’t do what you can
4) It’s arrogant
5) It doesn’t take into consideration the complexity of different situations
6) It starts with an I but it’s supposed to be an advice for other people
7) It’s almost always said to a person who didn’t even ask for advice to begin with
8) It assumes everything is possible which might (and probably will) lead to idiots making the wrong decisions
9) Did I mention it’s arrogant?
10) Last but not least: it’s simply NOT true!

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by these stuff?