My job…

I love my job, I really do… and I’m extremely grateful to have a job at all…


My co-workers are nuts!

Yesterday person A and B are talking shit about person C

Today Me, person A and person C are working together…

Then person A and C start talking shit about person D

The problem was that person D was talking shit behind person A’s back and A and C apparently thought that was bad

Me: trying to bite my tongue not to say: “First of all, YOU are talking shit about other ppl ALL the time and RIGHT now as well. AND second: A, person D was actually talking shit about YOU yesterday and she doesn’t like you at all.”

Then persons B comes in and acts extremely nice to A…

What the F**k is WRONG with ppl?? How do they even keep track of all the shit-talking???



Today is midsummer in Sweden when people get to eat a lot of strange (and delicious) food, wear wreaths made of flowers (cute), dance around a pole (no sexual meaning there – I promise) and last but not least; drink until very drunk. Totally normal – it’s called culture 😉

Me, I’m planning to eat lots of food 🙂

Have a nice midsummer everyone!



person A: I’m confused about my identity, it’s so difficult, it’s all I ever think about and I feel like an outsider…
person B: Do you really have to identify yourself?
me: Obviously A has expressed a need to find his/hers identity, why are you telling him/her not to bother? Having an identity is very important!
person B: I didn’t tell them not to bother I only asked if it was necessary. I just wanted person A to know you can just be yourself.

What the fuck is the difference?? Can someone help me out here???
And what the heck does “just be yourself” mean? Are you less yourself if you want to have an identity?
I feel as if I’m on the planet of the apes here… Except my cat is more intelligent…

Long time no see….

I’ve had so very much to do and my health seems to be a mess…

Sometimes I think about taking peaches to my mobile, meaning blogging about crazy stuff I see out in the world…

We’ll see how this might work out 😉

Take care all of you nice people out there! (no. not you. I said nice people)