My new drawing device

My lovely “partner in love” bought me this to encourage me to start drawing Peaches again.


I’m so happy and grateful!

I have started to use it together with a very simple drawing program and thus are beginning to become friends with our Apple computer.

So hopefully you will be seeing more of Peaches in the near future and I will have some place to ventilate my feelings and sometimes have a good laugh about it.

I think that Peaches is not as angry as she used to be but I don’t dare to promise anything.

Hope you stay tuned and want to follow Peaches in her new adventures.

By the way, did I mention that she is in love? With a delicious fruit, a cherry!

More of that coming soon…

4 thoughts on “My new drawing device

  1. I bought one of those, a Wacom Intuos & I’m hopeless with it. I just can’t coordinate drawing on the tablet whaile looking at my laptop screen & it all comes out looking like a Kindergarten kid’s drawing. Ended up sticking with pencil & ink in my sketchbook. Some old dogs can’t learn new tricks

    • Hi Tony. I think I can relate to you problem a bit… It is not a natural way of drawing that’s for sure. Luckily it seems to be working for me since my drawings are not advanced at all and I’m not used to draw on paper either… May I ask how you transfer your drawings from the paper to the computer (I assume that’s what you do?)

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