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My job…

I love my job, I really do… and I’m extremely grateful to have a job at all…


My co-workers are nuts!

Yesterday person A and B are talking shit about person C

Today Me, person A and person C are working together…

Then person A and C start talking shit about person D

The problem was that person D was talking shit behind person A’s back and A and C apparently thought that was bad

Me: trying to bite my tongue not to say: “First of all, YOU are talking shit about other ppl ALL the time and RIGHT now as well. AND second: A, person D was actually talking shit about YOU yesterday and she doesn’t like you at all.”

Then persons B comes in and acts extremely nice to A…

What the F**k is WRONG with ppl?? How do they even keep track of all the shit-talking???



yoggi tea

… because everyone wants to start their day looking like a question mark…

For those of you who are not familiar with yoggi tea, it’s a kind of tea that has short messages on the handle of every tea bag, almost like a fortune cookie – only with tea.

Their tea is really delicious and some of the messages are really nice 🙂

Today’s message was kind of cryptic though: “Perfection is not harming anybody”

Me, I’m usually one of those who often think far too much so I really tried to make sense out of this one…

Is it perfection that is not harming anybody or is it the act of not harming anybody that is perfection? And is this a message from the universe that I’m perfect? 🙂

Well, I drank the tea anyway and it was delicious 😉

Have a nice day everyone!

From a summery Sweden…