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My definition of arrogance…

I’m so sorry to bother your perfect life with my depression.

But to be honest, I find your extreme happiness just as annoying. Not to mention you arrogance.

So fuck you and good bye. Good luck having any friends when life strikes you one day.

And even if it never does, you will still remain an asshole. A happy asshole, but still an asshole.


What do you mean?

Ok. I get it that noone likes to be pointed out as a bad human being.

But the thing is, that if you don’t give other people a fair chance unless you need them – well, sorry to break it down to you – but yes, you are kind of selfish.

Sure, maybe it’s not the worse thing you could do. And sure, you are not obligated to make friends with people.

But you are still responsible for both your actions and your non-actions…

And as you can see, Peaches has started to become a bit religious in order to cope with all of that 😉

Have a nice week out there! Friday is only five days ahead… lol 😉