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Smug mom part 2 (you still don’t know what love is -when will you learn?)

Bragging is love people! LOVE!

Once you really know what love is, you BRAG! And then you brag some more!

Because nothing shows more how much you love your children than comparing yourself to childless people. That’s the truth, and it’s oh so sweet and cute and hearts and bubbles… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ *dreaming away to the perfect world of parenthood…*


People Change

that’s what I’m afraid of… that this shit goes on…

Bright, shiny objects!

Lately I have been seeing that if I can just wait for 3 days, most disturbances will settle and life returns to forward movement. I don’t have to fix things immediately. I can live for 3 days — one day at a time. Things don’t have to be perfect in the meantime…

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people playing with other people’s feelings, then wondering why they can’t find love…