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Happiness is da shit!

There you have it folks… If you are happy then you are doing everything right. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Never in the world’s history has anyone ever been happy on someone else’s expense. It is simply NOT possible.

(to better understand this comic, maybe reading this would be helpful)


Sometimes living in a country other than the one you grew up in can be a strange experience…

One of my latest observations are people who manage to become kind of popular/ be viewed as special by the society for doing something that millions are doing all over the world without ever even thinking about it.

Many people here now days decide to have a “shopping-free” year, during which they only buy what they absolutely need (however you define that) like food and other stuff (some people count buying clothes in the “need” list). The rest they try to buy second-hand, borrow, or trade.
And this, apparently,Β  is the extreme version of this trend. (I have no idea what the non-extreme version would be)

Seriously, people here are so good at making a huge deal out of stuff like that. I don’t know how they do it, but I watch and try to learn. (well, to be honest, I don’t try the last part)

I’m very very sorry but I’m not at all impressed by this shopping free year thing. Why? Because I basically have been living like that for years and other people live even more simple than that all their lives. I can for example (and have done it many times) go years without buying any clothes (not even second-hand) without anyone even noticing. I don’t make a big deal out of it, I have never even thought about it until I moved to Sweden, suddenly I was the weird one not consuming all day long… And now I’m supposed to become impressed by people reducing their shopping amount for one year? No one seems to be impressed that I have been doing the exact same thing. I guess I have to be over consuming before, otherwise it doesn’t count?

Nevertheless, I do think the idea behind that is good. And it really proves how much into consuming stuff we are when we actually think not buying new unnecessary stuff for one year is something even worth mentioning.

I only wish I had known it was such a big of a deal so I could write and sell a book about “the art of non buying stuff”.

But here is a FREE course for all my readers:

If you can survive without it, you don’t need it.

I’m sorry but the rest is just pure crap.

By all means, consume, I do it too. Just don’t pretend you need what you in fact want. That’s lying.

Your opinion please!

I have wanted to draw a doctor character, since I have a lot of funny/sad stories with doctors and nurses from all over the years…

At first I thought of a Dr Aubergine but Mr Bananas suggested a Dr Broccoli. I tried the Dr Broccoli and thought he looks kind of funny πŸ˜€ What do you guys think?

HeΒ  is healthy too πŸ˜‰

Happy happy happy!

A lot of mrs (and misters) Oranges out there now days… Peaches is kind of becoming sick of them. Next post might be Peaches making orange juice or something πŸ˜‰ That would be healthy fun, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

to be continued….