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Sunshine Award! =)

Thank you so much sporepigfish for giving me the Sunshine Award!! I’m really happy and flattered! 😀
Here are some questions I was asked to answer, which I’ll gladly do 😉 (I love interviews!)
Favourite colour : really hard to say! I almost always love purple 🙂
Favourite Animal : I’m so weak for puppys and kittens 🙂 ❤ I’m more of a dog person but I have nothing against cats, just never get them…
Favourite number : 11
Favourite non-alcoholic drink : Tropical juice
Facebook or twitter : Facebook. I hate twitter!
My passion : Anything creative! I’m happy as long as I can keep busy 😉
getting or giving presents :  Both!
Favourite Pattern : Peach! 😉
favourite day of week : Friday, of course!
favourite flower : Rose

And here come 10 blogs to nominate 🙂

  1. (unfortunately in swedish…)
  2. (speaks for itsself)
  3. (Really funny! 🙂 )
  4. (The cutest!! :D)
  5. (In swedish but also the universal language of drawing)
  6. (both funny and cute)
  7. (a cat and an owl, what could possibly go wrong? 😉 )
  8. (what can I say, I simply love grumpyness! :D)
  9. (a mixture of blogging. lots of lovely pictures! And a book about “the Orples”! 🙂 )
  10. (last but certainly not least!)

Again, huge thanks for the award sporepigfish! 😀


Peaches at the pharmacy…

New strip, trying the png format in hope of better quality…

Using GIMP as usual and still getting used to my new toy. It’s good when you want to draw fine lines but for bigger stuff it’s easier with the computer mouse 🙂