New equipment…

Hopefully it will make the drawing easier 🙂 But first I have to learn how to use it 😉

The paper underneath is some of my notes/ideas on new comics. I’m having a lot of ideas, it’s usually the drowing part that’s a bit slow, but I’m in the learning process!

7 thoughts on “New equipment…

  1. If it weren’t for my ‘computer, gadget literate’ children, I’d be lost when it comes to new technology. Good luck learning how to use your new toy.

  2. Congrats!! Please let us know how it goes. I’ve toyed around with the idea of getting one, but still not sure. It would be great to hear first-hand all about the learning process, tips, etc.
    ENJOY 🙂

    • Wow, and I thought everyone had such a thing 😉
      I had no idea it would be intresting, good thing I post about it then!
      I’ll definitely keep you informed! 🙂

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