6 thoughts on “What love is…

    • I live in Sweden, were the socialists have lost two times in a row… If they loose one more time, I think I’ll have to move some place else…

      • Being an American, I am fighting so hard for Ron Paul. While I believe in taking care of those ‘legitimately’ in need, it has gotten way out of hand here. Our Government encourages people to become dependent on them, it seems. It breaks my heart to see our beautiful free Nation being taken over by corrupt leaders. I’m sure that is not the story the Major Media is telling the rest of the world. However, I beg to differ. If you run out of Socialists there, I’ll be happy to send you some. We evidently are overrun with them.

  1. To be honest, I don’t understand much of what is on the news anyway so I’ll have to believe you. The way I see it, all politicians are crap, it’s only a matter of more or less crap…

    • Well, Peaches, I still have a little glimmer of hope left . . . we do have, Ron Paul. I hope for the sake of the entire World he wins our Presdential Election this year. You may not be familiar with Dr. Paul since you’re not in the middle of the BS over here, but he is trying to take this Nation back to her Constitutional roots and restore our founding papers. If he were to win, the ‘establishment’ would be brought to their knees, our troops would come home World wide, and the Nation building would come to a screeching halt. I dare say, the World might see a little peace. I’m sure you don’t want to hear the political run down on this side of the pond. But I assure you, you would feel a postitive ‘ripple’ effect of a Ron Paul Presidency. Enough said.

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